2007 BeNeLuxSHS Symposium: Global Sourcing of Flowers and Food – presentations

The Benelux Society for Horticultural Science (BNL-SHS) together with Wageningen University and the industry convened a symposium of one day on Global Sourcing of Flowers and Food which was held on 23 November, 2007 at WICC – Wageningen.

The majority of the large retail groups have concentrated their acquisition policy on global sourcing of foodstuff and ornamentals in order to have flowers and food available every day of the year with a certified quality and safety.

This imposes all sorts of restrictions and limits to the entire production and supply chains of these products. Both science and industry are struggling with this demand and trying to turn this into an advantage.

Presentations (handouts in PDF available for download) :

Contact: olaf.vankooten@wur.nl

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