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2006 Symposium: Future of Horticultural Science

2006: Brussels (Belgium) The future of horticultural science and education in a European perspective In cooperation with the European Economic and Social Committee, the Flemish Ministry of Agriculture and EURAGRI Conveners: R.J. Bogers and P.A.Th.J. Werry (Wageningen UR)

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2005 Symposium: Biosensors

2005: Leuven (Belgium) Biosensors Convener: M. de Proft (KU Leuven)

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2004 Symposium: Chains in Horticulture

2004: Wageningen (the Netherlands) Chains in horticulture – Theory and practice Convener: O. van Kooten (Wageningen UR) Papers Unlimited :: essay writing | custom essays | dissertation assistance | research papers | term paper writing. custom paper writing service

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2003 Symposium: Pot Plants

2003: Destelbergen (Belgium) Pot plants – Production, protection and selection Conveners: M. Bodson (Gembloux Agricultural Univ.) and E. Volckaert (PCS, Destelbergen)

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2002 Symposium: Biotechnology and Horticulture

2002: Leiden (the Netherlands) Biotechnology and horticulture in cooperation with the Netherlands Society for Plant Biotechnology and Tissue Culture Convener: R.J. Bogers (Wageningen UR – Frontis)

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