The BeNeLux Society for Horticultural Science (BeNeLux SHS) was founded in 1996. Its primary aim was to organise the XXV International Horticultural Congress in Brussels, 1998. After a period of dormancy the BeNeLux SHS was revitalised in 2002. Since then it has organised annual scientific meetings, each attended by around 100 colleagues from science, education and the horticultural industry in the BeNeLux and neighbouring countries.

These symposia, on various topics from nursery production to post-harvest technology and biotechnology, were held in Leiden in 2002, in Destelbergen in 2003, in Wageningen in 2004, in Leuven in 2005, in Brussels in 2006, in Wageningen in 2007, in Gembloux 2009, in Luxembourg 2010, in Venlo 2011, in Ghent 2013, in Delft 2014.

The BeNeLux SHS is affiliated to the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), a society with more than 7000 members in 150 countries that organises about 40 symposia each year and publishes the proceedings Acta Horticulturae, the quarterly magazine Chronica Horticulturae and the monographs Scripta Horticulturae.

The membership fee of the BeNeLux SHS is only € 15 per year.

With your contribution, we will be able to continue organising our annual meetings. Therefore, if you are not a member of the Society yet, we kindly invite you to join the BeNeLux SHS now.

You may join the BeneluxSHS by sending an e-mail message to Hector Willocx at hector.willocx@gmail.com

Current BeNeLuxSHS management:

  • Leon Wietor (Lux): Chairman
  • Monique Bodson (B): Secretary
  • Hector Willocx (B): Treasurer